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Teeth Whitening in Dorval in the Heart of Montreal

Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth ? It doesn't matter if you're from Montreal or Montana, having a bright white smile is an incredible asset.Years of drinking coffee, tea, red wine, soda or even smoking can stain your teeth.

One Smile Dentaire’s whitening system in Dorval, West Island can remove years of stain and dark color from your teeth.

Let’s help you achieve a brighter smile and a fantastic whitening results.

That's why getting the right teeth whitening treatment is so important. At One Smile Dentaire, we know that having a great set of professionally whitened teeth can provide you with a wide range of benefits, and not all of them are related to oral health.















What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

The effects of teeth whitening are multifaceted, and our clients have gained both personally and professionally from a winning smile. How?

Others tend to see those people with whiter teeth as being warmer, more confident, and healthier. It may not be fair, but in a world where first impressions are so important, having a brighter smile can make a huge difference to the way we look and feel, and to the way in which other people react to us. Not only do white teeth have others see you in a more positive light, some studies have shown that others also correlate white teeth with financial and professional success, as well as being more trustworthy! 

For more information about our Teeth Whitening treatment in Dorval, West Island, or to schedule a consultation, contact One Smile Dentaire today at

One of our Specialties

It doesn't matter what the origins of your enamel stains are - whether they're the result of drinking too much coffee, red wine, sodas, or even from eating certain fruits and tomato sauces. If you have stains on your teeth, a whitening treatment will change your smile and can transform your life.

The professional team at One Smile Dentaire can offer Montreal residents a number of teeth whitening services, with the best products in cosmetic dentistry.

Our team has the most advanced bleaching treatment options in the industry, so if you want results that make a positive impact on every tooth, we'll take care of all your dental whitening needs.

And if you may be worried about sensitivity, but you shouldn't be! There are more than a few teeth whitening options available, and at One Smile Dentaire, we're proud to be able to provide Dorval and the West Island with the kind of pain-free, customized whitening treatment that will have you beaming with pride in no time. There is always a way at our clinic.

Trust the Pros at One Smile Dentaire

Your teeth are an important part of you, and at One Smile Dentaire, whitening teeth is one of our favorite tasks!

Whether we use a whitening gel, bleaching products, or some combination, our teeth whitening process offers clients an almost immediate result. In just a matter of a few treatments, you can have a brighter smile, more confidence, and a whole new outlook on life!

To find the teeth whitening options best for you, contact us or visit us online so we can take on this important challenge together. Once the professionals at One Smile Dentaire conduct a personalized evaluation, you'll be on your way! We can whiten teeth quickly and easily. Call today at (514) 416 6161!

Teeth Whitening

Your first Visit

For us, it’s all about you!
From the moment you walk in through the door of our offices in Dorval, we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of. At One Smile Dentaire, you're a part of our family.

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